Terms and Conditions of Use of BOB Sites
(bobtv.fr ; bobvoyeur.com ; bob4men.com)


These Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter the "CGU”) explain the conditions under which the access and use of services offered by the sites bobtv.fr, bobvoyeur.com and bob4men.com (hereinafter " BOB sites ") are provided. According to the conditions these services are available only to adults who are elderly for 18 years.

The User says that he is fully informed about the conditions of permitted age required for access to BOB sites, in particular the provisions of Article 488 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code of France: "The age of majority is the age of eighteen, it is capable of all acts of civil life" and certify expressly to fulfill that condition.

The site bobtv.fr is a webcam chat designed specifically for adults.

The site bobvoyeur.com is a site for exchanges and encounters of adults, allowing users to distribute freely their photographs and videos of exhibitions.

The site bob4men.com is a site for exchanges and meetings of adults and dedicated to the gay population, allowing users to distribute their photographs and videos of exhibitions freely.

Some features of these sites are accessible to users freely while other features are priced according to a flat rate subscription per site.
Each BOB site is independent.
The databases and payment terminals are differentiated.
In all cases, any visitor, user of BOB sites, subscriber or not, must be of 18 years on the date of his first connection on one or other BOB sites, and ensure that the permitted age is accessed by him.

These CGU are the property of its author. Therefore, any reproduction, use, operation, distribution, in whole or in part, for other than strictly personal purposes without a prior permission, an express written consent of the limited liability of the owner, exposes its author in criminal and civil prosecution under the conditions prescribed by law.

Anyone wishing to connect, view, contribute, navigate, use BOB sites (bobtv.fr and / or bobvoyeur.com and / or bob4men.com), on an occasional or regular, free or by subscription, before any connection, must be aware of the entirety of these CGU, should certify that he understood the extent of CGU, accept and commit the terms.

The checkbox "I confirm that I have read and accepted without reservation all the terms contained in Terms and Conditions of Use of this server" at the bottom of the first page of entry helps validate, as soon as it has been checked, the full acceptance and without reservations or conditions, and reveals the user’s will to abide the CGU. The user realizes that he is fully informed and required to comply with all the provisions of these CGU. If the user does not want to accept the CGU, he is not required to check the box expressing his agreement, and he waives any connection to BOB sites.

Article 1. Information

Access rights and rectification
According to the law "Computers and Freedoms" of 6th January 1978, you have the right to access and rectify information concerning you. If you wish to exercise this right and receive information about you, please, at any time, contact the Webmaster via the contact form available on each site.

Trademarks and CGU
Bobvoyeur the mark, the mark "two cherries" and mark "the head of Bob" are registered trademarks and protected by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code. These CGU shall be subject to protection under copyright, any reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Article 2. Definitions

The "chat": it means the discussion space that is available to the users of BOB sites. In this space each user can read the messages of others and make his own contribution.

The “contribution”: it means any entry publishing at the user request on the BOB sites. It can contain a photo, a video, an audio file, but it can also be accompanied with a short text. The contribution submitted by the user is published on the Web BOB sites after validation.

The "virtual gift": the virtual gift reflects a image of an object or event (car, cup of coffee, chat ... etc) that can be offered in virtual manner only by one member to another, under certain conditions. The virtual gift is totally dematerialized.

Article 3. Access, Use, Registration on BOB sites

3.1 Conditions of access, inclusion

To log on BOB sites (bobtv.fr, bobvoyeur.com, bob4men.com) the User must be at the age of 18 according to the conditions mentioned in the preamble, and validate all required fields in the forms of access and registration. By validating the required fields, the User guarantees that the data is correct, including the status of legal majority in the territory of France (18 years), and the User undertakes to inform BOB sites about any changes and keep the information actual and correct.

The overall cost of access, connectivity and use as well as equipment (computers, telecommunication systems and…) for access to BOB sites are exclusively borne by the User.

When registration is validated, the User receives the notification with his login and password. This information is strictly personal and confidential and should not be disclosed or shared with third parties. Any use of these data by third parties that is not consistent with their destination, allows BOB sites to disable the account without a prior notice.
The User will be sole responsible for the utilizing of these identification items by third parties or actions or statements made through the data, whether fraudulent or not, and guarantees respect to any BOB sites requests.
In addition, BOB sites have not obligation and do not have the technical means to verify the identity of individuals registering on sites bobtv.fr, bobvoyeur.com, and bob4men.com. BOB sites can never be liable to any impersonation of the User. In case the User would have reason to note that someone else is using his identification or his account, it must be reported to BOB sites immediately.

3.2. Financial conditions

The financial terms of access, registration and use of the BOB Sites are described in Article 5 of these CGU.

3.3. Retraction

According to the provisions of Article 121-20 of the Consumer Code, every user has a seven days period from the subscription to exercise his right to withdraw without penalty and cause. Under the provisions of Article 121-20-2, Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal can not be exercised as long as the User has accessed the services concerned.

Article 4. Use of BOB Sites Services

The User, who fulfilled the identification form, will have access to the services offered by BOB sites, some of which are paid on a subscription basis, as described in the section “Price and terms of payment" and are also presented on BOB sites.

4.1. User Obligations

Without prejudice to the provisions contained in the section "Termination conditions" the User agrees to comply with local laws, to respect the rights of third parties and, cumulatively, the provisions of these CGU.

4.1.1. Contributions

In particular, the User undertakes expressly an obligation of loyalty towards BOB sites, and to other users, but also to third parties.

The user undertakes to respect the rights of intellectual property to content from BOB sites and to any other users, and do not sell, distribute, produce data, documents, photographs etc.… in any manner, other than those concerning him and for which he seeks dissemination.

In particular, the User should never communicate, distribute, produce or seek dissemination of text, images, photographs or other in / on which third party appears in any way, without the third party notification and its agreement.

From this point of view, the User requesting the distribution of contributions guarantees BOB sites, whether they relate to a third party or involve a third party that this party has given a specific permission.

The user, who makes an important contribution, should specify in advance, in the form provided for this purpose, if he wants:
   - Blur the faces;
   - Display his email address on the site.
In the absence of details, contributions will be distributed with not blurred faces, and without reference to the one involved, except for the reference to the nick name under which he is registered.

The contribution being made under the sole responsibility of the User, who is informed that his contribution will be published on the free sites for 7 to 10 days before being archived in the paid area., with the exception of the most pornographic (sex toys, sado, uro…) which will be published only in the paid area.
The user guarantees BOB sites from all claims which may be forwarded because of the lack of licenses of distribution by third parties, and all sums which may be claimed as a result.

4.1.2. "My bobTV platform"

Under certain conditions, some subscribers XXL bobtv.fr site called "impeccable" may have the right to create a chat room on the "My bobTV" platform. The rooms of this platform are chat rooms like those on bobtv.fr, which has the same technical characteristics and the same features, but which are created for the supervision of approved users who will be responsible for the rooms.

The rooms of the My bobTV platform remain under these CGU of BOB sites.
However, the User who wants to have a right to set up a chat room on the "My bobTV" platform and to be awarded will make a request first by filling an application form for the acceptance by BOB sites.

If BOB sites decide to accept the User as beneficiary of the right to create a chat room on the "My bobTV" platform, the User should be aware of it and accept the contractual conditions governing the chat rooms on this platform specifically reported to him and commit to abide strictly by the terms.

The creation and moderation in a chat room on the "My bobTV" platform is only available to subscribers so-called "blameless" XXL of bobtv.fr, fulfilling the minimum requirement of strict observance of these CGU (blameless users, who has not been the subject of any blockage very temporary) for a sufficient period (6 months) to allow for assessment by BOB sites.
BOB sites will only approve or reject applications for the right to create a "room" My bobTV, from the table of directors.
BOB sites decision is discretionary and allows no appeal of the User against it, what the User explicitly accepts.

The moderators of BOB sites have full power to restraint in all rooms on the My bobTV platform. In addition, the creator of each room will be obliged to enforce himself and under his own control these CGU in his room, on pain of withdrawal of any right of access to the room he has created. The User will be granted the right of his room establishment on My bobTV in case of the prior approval and express consent of BOB sites.

4.1.3. General Obligations User Obligations

a) Never use BOB sites for business purposes or in any commercial form whatsoever, or for any purposes not limited to a strictly private between adults over 18. Any advertising, prospecting, soliciting, prostitution, propaganda, violence, promotion of prostitution, incitement to soliciting, incitement to violence or propaganda are strictly prohibited.

b) Never contribute and disseminate the information or content in any form that conforms to reality and without the prior agreement of all those concerned, including all third parties using or not using the services offered by BOB sites.

c) Never contribute to and / or distribute in any form whatsoever, including by way of text only, information, data, images, video, content or involving in any way either minors or animals, or inciting to the challenge or the corruption of minors, any form of violence, non-compliance or abuse against animals, children or any individual showing or referring to a sexual or pornographic acts directed against children or animals, or showing pictures, photos, videos, including videos, sound and voice that appear one or more minors or to any form any of pedophilia, bestiality and all acts relating to minors and / or animals are punishable by the Law and regulations.

d) Never intentionally take (posted and / or chat), distribute contributions (through photographs, videos, webcam and other means of dissemination), in any form whatsoever, which would be likely to contravene the rights of others, directly or indirectly defamatory, abusive, offensive, violent, pedophile, or which would directly or indirectly to violence, racism, xenophobia, pedophilia, debauchery, or who correspond directly or indirectly in any conduct prohibited and / or dangerous and punishable by the Law and / or regulations (including, for example non-exhaustive and violence on others, consumption of drugs or incitement to the use of drugs or any other illegal substances) or who tend to incite the prohibited conduct and / or violent and / or dangerous and punishable by law and / or regulations, or who would be prohibited and / or contrary, in general, the purpose of BOB, the laws and regulations in force, the rights of persons and goods and / or morality.

e) Never utter or spread threats, about bullying, racism or harassment against BOB sites or to any other user of the services offered by BOB sites or even to the moderators.

f) Do not capture images, photographs, videos, texts of BOB sites and downloaded videos through online purchase, without permission given by author, in any manner whatsoever, out of purely private, personal purposes.

g) Do not mention, state, spread information or content in any form with the effect of preventing the normal use of BOB sites, reduce, disrupt, interrupt traffic providing normal communications on BOB sites. BOB sites reserve the right to remove any user messages without notice in order to maintain a quality of use of the sites for the benefit of others.

h) Do not mention, state, spread in any form, directly or indirectly, including in the chat, or through a webcam or any other ways, information or content including links to third-party sites that have an unlawful or illegal or to carry out the advertising and promotion of these sites or suggesting any link between BOB sites and other sites.

i) Do not mention, state, spread in any form, directly or indirectly, including in the chat, or through a webcam or any other ways, information, pictures, videos, content, text, to make the User navigate to other websites for the purpose of advertising, propaganda, promotion of these sites, or even to suggest that BOB sites could be a link in any way with other sites.

j) Never communicate, disseminate, share, make it accessible in any way passwords and / or identifiers to any third party, including minors.

k) Use the services that BOB sites offer with the purpose described in these CGU.

Any breach of these obligations will provide BOB sites rights, as appropriate sanction to the User under the conditions specified in paragraph 8.2. hereof, but also to terminate without notice any subscription contract, without compensation of any kind whatsoever and without refund, and to delete all identification data of the concerned user under the conditions specified in Article 9. BOB Sites Obligations

a) To ensure electronically and remotely, providing services for exchanges and meetings only virtual reserved for adults aged 18, allowing them to distribute freely their photos and videos exhibition accompanied or not with a text, download videos under certain conditions for strictly personal and private purposes, and a chat service and a webcam allow users to communicate with each other, that the activity does not include any BOB mediation, of any kind, called "real" between users.

b) To provide to certain members of XXL bobtv.fr called "blameless" access to a chat room on the "My bobtv" platform after prior acceptance of Special Conditions My bobtv by the member approved by BOB sites, and in case of compliance both of these as CGU as Special Conditions My bobtv by the member.

c) BOB sites do not have legal obligation to identify the member when he connects to one or other BOB sites or control the content contributed by the User. BOB sites can technically ensure such benefits; they will not agree contractually to identify users or to moderate the content that users publish under their exclusive responsibility.

d) As a result, BOB sites can not held any liability in the event of physical meetings organized by Users themselves, through the use of BOB sites and Users also stipulate that they are strictly forbidden to disclose information to other users or to any third party, in one way or another, the identification of one or more users without their consent, in particular family name, postal address, mail, telephone etc… through BOB sites.

Article 5. Terms of subscriptions to each of the sites, payment methods

5.1. General Terms

Each BOB site offers users a free for all services, and also some services accessible to members who have paid a credit card payment.

In all cases, users must adhere strictly to these CGU.

The paid area on bobvoyeur.com is called "Cherry Bob" and contains a number of specific services, including:
- Access to the archives of bobvoyeur.com (contributions)
- Access to theme contributions of Cherry Bob
- Access to the videos contributions more than 10 MB
- Access to the contributions of a Section called "Hard"
- The ability to download of photo and video contributions.

The paid access for being a member of bobTV is called 'XXL'.
Subscribers so-called "XXL” benefit the following advantages:
- Possibility of opening several webcams at the same time
- Ability to enlarge the display of the camera with a zoom function
- Ability to use the "talk" and to make their voices heard on the chat rooms.
- Ability to send private messages to other members connected to “XXL” (PV)
- Ability to view a webcam for unlimited period.
- Internal messaging account is reserved for XXL users. This messaging account includes inbox and trash and gives XXL users the option to send messages to other users. The messages received by and sent through this account can never be exported and can only be consulted on the site.

The paid area of bob4men.com called “Candy Bob” includes a number of specific services:
- Access to the archives of bob4men.com (contributions)
- Access to theme contributions of bob4men.com
- Access to the video contributions more than 10 MB.
- Access to the contributions of a Section called "Hard".
- The ability to download photo and video contributions.

Access to the paid area of each site costs, per site, 25 euros for a period of 60 days.

XXL subscription rates for offered benefits by the site bobtv.fr are as following and may be made directly on the site bobtv.fr:
- 25 euros for a subscription for a period of 60 days from the date of validation of the transaction;
- 60 euros for a subscription for a period of 180 days from the date of validation of the transaction;
- 100 euros for a subscription for a period of 365 days from the date of validation of the transaction.

Users who wish to purchase a subscription by credit card may use the payment terminal set up on the corresponding sites.
It is obvious that the payment terminal used by BOB Sites complies with standards European safety requirements on remote payments on the Internet.

Subscriptions are independent, a purchased subscription on one of the BOB sites (bobtv.fr, bob4men.com or bobvoyeur.com) gives no right on other BOB sites for which no subscriptions have been purchased.

The user is prompted to check beforehand that the purchased subscription corresponds to the site for which he wishes to be registered.
No claims will be received on this topic after the subscription, no refunds will be made.
Subscription purchase is not automatic renewal subscription concerning to its prolongation.
It belongs to you, at the expiration of his subscription, and if desired, to purchase a new subscription to gain a new member status and benefits offered by subscription.

The price and terms of payment of the subscription are constantly available on BOB sites; the prices are given in euros and all taxes.
The purchase of a subscription to one or more BOB sites simultaneously is from the validation of the transaction by a credit card.

5.2. Online shop at the site bobtv.fr

The members of bobtv.fr site have the ability to buy and deliver a virtual gift to other members of the site.

Each member has an account called the virtual wallet.

To be able to proceed with the purchase of a virtual gift, the member must first credit his virtual wallet by a number of points, to acquire the points he has the terminal for secure online payment set up on the site bobtv.fr.
Points acquired and accumulated in the virtual wallet of the member have unlimited term of validity and can be used anytime.

The value of a virtual gift is determined by the number of points necessary to proceed to its acquisition.
The acquisition of a virtual gift is made by debiting the amount of points corresponding to value to the virtual wallet of the member who made the acquisition.

The virtual gift purchased by the member may be sent to any other member designated by purchaser. It's possible, by choice of the member that provides a virtual gift, to attach a photograph, a message, the nickname of member, depending on the choices made on the form opening by the link "Give me a virtual gift".

The gift will be visible on the profile page of the recipient.

Members are fully aware that the virtual gifts are the dematerialized images they can never claim any supply of goods or the object represented by the virtual gift otherwise than through dematerialized form of the bobtv.fr site.

5.3. XXL gift subscription to the bobtv.fr site

Any member of the bobtv.fr site has the ability to offer another member an XXL subscription on the bobtv.fr site, according to the terms and price conditions:
- 25 euros for a subscription for a period of 60 days from the date of validation of the transaction;
- 60 euros for a subscription for a period of 180 days from the date of validation of the transaction;

Payment terms and conditions applicable are identical to those mentioned in Article 5.1.

If case if the recipient of the XXL gift is already an XXL member, his account will be credited in addition by the number of days offered. The author of the gift will be entitled in the attached message to the recipient.

Article 6. Intellectual property

6.1 Intellectual property rights on the content spread by BOB sites

All trademarks (bobvoyeur, bobtv, bob4men, two cherries, the head of BOB) all logos, images, graphics, animation, video, photography and text appearing on all BOB sites are the intellectual property of the applicant and can not be reproduced, used, or represented for free or charged, without the express permission of the owner, under pain of prosecution.

In the same way, the concept of BOB sites was established by the Company and it holds the rights alone.
Users are not allowed to modify, copy, download, distribute, reproduce, transmit, sell, offer for sale, etc ..., by no means in any way the services offered by BOB sites, the design of these services, the data contained on pages in the sites, the concept of the BOB sites, or programs, software, computer codes and other implementations of BOB sites.

All rights granted by BOB sites to users are strictly limited in access to the sites and services on BOB sites, by subscription or not, as a part of private personal use only for adults 18 years minimum.

Any other use is strictly prohibited. The disclosure of the data contained on BOB sites to minors is strictly prohibited and should not occur in any manner, if it happens, the BOB sites or the Corporation can not held liable.

6.2 Rights on the Users Content

The User grants a free license to BOB sites automatically to use the intellectual property rights to content provided by the User, including contributions in all forms, for distribution on BOB sites.

This license gives the right to BOB sites to reproduce, perform, adapt, translate, scan, use for advertising purposes, commercial or non-commercial, make license or transfer the contents of the User (information, pictures, videos, etc.). in whole or in part of BOB sites, in mailings of BOB sites and in any type of electronic communication (e-mail SMS, MMS, WAP, Internet, CD-Rom or CD-ROM), but the time duration of such permits is not limited.

However, the User who wants to make contributions or other data, images, information etc… authorizes expressly BOB sites to modify the contents or to adapt it in order to conform to the image format of BOB sites or any type of communication used.

These rights are granted free of charge by the User for the whole world and for the entire period of performance of these CGU between the User and BOB sites.

The User may copy, reproduce, or use the content relating to other users, for private and personal purposes only.

Any user who submitted the contribution may request BOB sites to suppress the contribution published online, using the form, at any time.

The user is informed and accepts that BOB sites decide unilaterally, without justifying their decision not to publish all or a part of the contribution submitted by the user, the user cannot complain or request anything if BOB sites do not publish a part or all contribution.

The User declares that the contributions that address BOB Sites are the property and that they can never make any damage or harm to others. Otherwise, user expressly releases BOB Sites and the Company from any liability and admits that he alone must answer for the damages suffered with the relevant authorities and potential assignees or successors, supporting himself the compensation of all financial damages suffered.

Article 7. Privacy

BOB sites comply with French and European standards regarding to the protection of privacy and personal data.

Some information, data and content (photography or video) submitted by the User, under his responsibility, may reveal his ethnic origin, nationality, religion, sexual orientation.
By revealing such information, the User expresses his wish and, consequently, his explicit consent to the publishing of such data by BOB sites and takes his sole responsibility.

Each user has an option of requesting BOB sites to access the information on how to modify it, or to prohibit, in whole or in part, by completing the contact form on the BOB sites.

Personal information collected by BOB sites may include the personal identification data of the User (full name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, bank account information, photography, video… etc) and it is stored on the secure servers.The personal information is available only when it is required.

The personal information will not be accessible to third parties or transmitted, sold or exchanged, except the cases mentioned below, and subject to your prior information and your consent, or if there is no opposition on the part of the User.

BOB sites are sent promotional offers from their partners to different users. If the User does not want to receive these offers, it is sufficient to indicate BOB sites at any time via the contact form or by mail.

The User expressly authorizes BOB sites to reproduce and disseminate the information he provided as a contribution (information, descriptions, pictures, videos, etc.) on all or part of BOB sites and on all media of communication (e-mail, Internet), for the whole world and for the duration of the implementation of the CGU between the User and BOB sites. Similarly the User expressly permits BOB sites to convey the rights previously referred to their partners and potential successors.

Other non-personal information may be collected by BOB sites on the occasion of connections and inscriptions made by the User on the sites (eg without limitation: the version of browser used, the type of system of Exploitation used, the IP address of the computer used…).
BOB sites use "cookie" technology to store information about the User for making his navigation through the site easier.
The User has the possibility to prevent the use of cookies by doing a manipulation to change options's browser on the Internet. (For a more detailed explanation of manipulation, the User is prompted to inquire personally to any professional and competent authority, or to consult and follow the directions contained in the "Discover", "your footsteps" edited by the CNIL on the website www.cnil.fr.)

Article 8. Responsibility and warranty

8.1. BOB Sites Operating

The User can access BOB sites and use the services provided by the sites unless he has an equipment and suitable software.

In particular, the User must have the skills, hardware and software required for the use of the Internet. He acknowledges that the characteristics and constraints of the Internet can not guarantee the security, availability and integrity of data transmission on the Internet.

BOB sites emit any liability , financial, moral or otherwise, which could be linked to a malfunction or an incorrect operation or non-functioning, a temporary or permanent inability to access, poor conditions use of sites due to equipment that is not suitable or defective in whole or in part, or a partial or total disregard of the overall functioning of the equipment or the Internet, dysfunctional internal ISP's User, clutter of the Internet, all impossibilities related to weather conditions, EDF, or others that can cause difficulty logging in all cases of force- majeure, and generally any other reasons to external BOB sites.

It is up to each user to have the equipment necessary to use BOB sites in good conditions.

In addition, access to BOB sites may occasionally be interrupted for the maintenance, upgrades and technical improvements, or changing the content and presentation. If it is possible, BOB sites inform users before a maintenance operation or update the content without access interruptions that could cause the benefit of the User.

8.2. Information, contributions from users on the BOB sites, responsibilities

The User should provide BOB sites with the actual and real information.
All consequences of the disclosures made by the User are in his sole responsibility.
By virtue of his registration on BOB sites and accepting these CGU the User explicitly consents to disclose and disseminate his information, data, texts and images on BOB sites, regarding to the contributions. Thereby the user refuses to have all claims including the potential harm to his image rights, to his credit, to his reputation, to the intimacy of his private life, as a result of the dissemination or disclosure of his information, to BOB sites.

BOB sites can not be liable for inaccurate information and content from the User, or the consequences of data spread made by another user which may contravene the rights one or more other user or third party.

To enable respect to others, respect for ethics (e.g. connected with expressions and attitudes adopted by some users), as well as compliance with laws and regulations, there is a system of moderators of BOB sites who makes necessary actions to prevent the User behavior or language that would not be appropriate or contravene the present CGU.

The moderator is empowered to take any unilateral provisions to block the User access to BOB sites temporarily, or even to remove the User account from the sites in case of non-compliance of the terms hereof CGU. The actions of moderators are always motivated by the User behavior and / or the language, which is considered non-conforming.
The list of indicative sanctions is set in the Appendix of these CGU of BOB sites. The list expressly reserves any margin of discretion within the range of sanctions in relation to their frequency and severity that may go up the user termination without notice.

BOB sites will never be liable for penalties and exclusions, related to the behavior and / or language of the User, who has been previously notified and agrees to incur penalties of up to the account termination, by the awareness and acceptance of these CGU.

In addition, BOB sites also allow any user to report the behavior or comments made by one or more other users that are not in conformity with these CGU and would be likely to affect the laws and regulations, the rights of a third party.

In case these alerts or checks carried out by the moderators prove the violation by the User of laws and regulations or their contractual obligations, the provisions hereof CGU and particularly the terms contained in the Article "Termination" may be implemented unilaterally by BOB sites.

In cases where the responsibility of BOB sites would be sought because of the User failure compared to fulfill his obligations of these CGU, the latter expressly undertakes to ensure BOB sites no any sentence imposed against them.

BOB sites will not see their liability to the User only if certain evidence and ultimately prepared justice for a BOB sites misdeed, which caused damage to this User directly. In particular, BOB sites will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages suffered by the User when his behavior was the reason of the damage he claims to suffer.

A moderator can remove, before its dissemination, any contribution that is not concerned the topic of raised discussion, the subject of the site or is contrary to the law.
The User has the right to access, modification, correction and deletion of data about himself. The User can, at any time, request his contributions are eliminated.

Article 9. Termination Conditions

9.1. Termination at the User Request

Any user has the option to terminate his registration and / or subscription by seeking to the BOB sites from his account, without producing any reason.
The user request to get closed his account will be made the next business day after receiving the request by BOB sites.
However, the user, who subscribes, has already been warned that any request for closure of his account does not entitle to get reimbursement of the remaining period of the subscription maturity. The termination of the subscription at the user request automatically takes effect of expiration of the subscription.

9.2. Termination in serious cases

In case of the User breach, or violation of the obligations contained herein or legal and regulatory provisions BOB sites are empowered to terminate the account without any notice or formal notice to the User concerned, according to the other provisions hereof.
Such termination will have the same effect as those listed in Article 9.1.
This cancellation will be carried out without consideration of any damages that might be claimed by BOB sites to the User or his rightful and legal representatives as a result of such failures.
In case of termination the information about the User will be removed at his request or at the expiration of the statutory period to run from the termination of the User account.

Article 10. Other sanctions

In case of non-compliance hereof CGU by the User or the laws and regulations, including the event of inappropriate or non-compliant behavior, BOB sites are expressly empowered with the intermediary of the moderators to disable the User of BOB sites temporarily, for a period from 1 hour to 1 year depending on the omissions, without formal notice or warning.
The User sanctioned several times and does not change his behavior can be excluded from BOB sites. In this case the termination will produce the same effects as those listed in Article 9.1.

If the User is a subscriber, this temporary suspension does not imply entitlement to a refund of the subscription period during which the User has been excluded temporary.

Article 11. Force contract - severability - temporary waiver of a right

All provisions of these CGU constitute the entire agreement between BOB sites and the User. These CGU supersede all other previous possible arrangements.
If a judicial or more clauses contained herein are cancelled, all other clauses retain their validity and scope fully.
The waiver of BOB sites to use the provisions of these CGU temporary will never be construed as a waiver of the right to use the provisions in the future for such failure.

Article 12. Applicable law - attribution of jurisdiction

These CGU shall be governed, interpreted and applied in conformity.
The language of these CGU is English.
All difficulties associated with the interpretation and / or enforcement of these terms and the outcome will be mandatory and subject to the only French law and fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Paris (75).

Appendix 1 - List of the most common penalties

The user should pay his attention to the sanctions and their duration in event of misbehavior on BOB sites. Moderators, according to their frequency, repetition, and their severity, may apply the sanctions and that sanctions can not give rise any use of BOB sites by the sanctioned User, the latter accepts the principle of sanctions in case of non-compliant behavior.

The list is presented for overview without binding BOB sites and without limiting BOB sites right to disable or remove the User account.

The temporary waiver by BOB sites to apply a sanction may be generating rights for the benefit of the User.

Legal Information